I passionately believe that printmaking plays a crucial role in arts education for both young people and adults - it encourages and promotes creative thinking, problem solving, decision-making, autonomy of thought, wellbeing, and material experimentation. And what’s more - it’s fun! There’s a joy and anticipation which comes from peeling the paper back after it’s gone through the press which is unique to printmaking.

I run courses and workshops at various UK venues throughout the year in a range of printmaking processes. My specialisms include etching, aquatint, sugarlift, photo-etching, photo-lithography, wood lithography (mokulito), and Japanese woodblock printing (mokuhanga). My approach to teaching is hands-on, and I aim to present sometimes complex processes in an accessible and relaxed way. 

I also offer bespoke 1-1 tuition sessions in specific print techniques, or to help develop ideas and artistic practice through printmaking.

Please get in touch if you would like more information about a course or to organise a bespoke session.


Weekend course at West Yorkshire Print Workshop, Mirfield
Sat 17 - Sun 18 Sept 2022

Join me for a fun, hands-on weekend exploring the creative possibilities of this unique printmaking process where the grain of the wood will often show up in the background of prints, giving a unique characteristic.


Weekend course at West Yorkshire Print Workshop, Mirfield
Sat 9 - Sun 9 Oct 2022

This course is all about learning the basics of etching. You will learn how to use hard ground, soft ground and aquatint techniques to enable you to create a wide variety of marks and effects.


Weekend course at Hot Bed Press, Salford
Sat 29 - Sun 30 Oct 2022
Price TBC
*This course isn’t up on their website yet, but you can email info@hotbedpress.org to request to be on the waiting list.

Made famous by artists such as Hokusai and the ‘Great Wave’, the Mokuhanga technique dates back hundreds of years, and is still used by contemporary artists all over the world today.

On this hands-on weekend course you will be guided through designing and colour-separating an image by thinking in layers, transferring your image onto the block, carving your design using specialist tools, and printing your image by hand with watercolour paints, to create a small edition of A5 prints to take home. There will also be the opportunity to experiment with using creative inking techniques such as 'bokashi' to achieve gradients and multi-coloured prints.


Day course at West Yorkshire Print Workshop, Mirfield
Sat 19 Nov 2022

Embrace the unexpected! Soap ground (sometimes referred to as white ground) is an imperfect ground which is painted onto the surface of an etching plate as a resist. The acid will bite through the ground more readily than a hard ground, and will eventually break down the longer it is left in the etch solution, providing lots of opportunity for interesting tonal images to be created. It can also be worked intowith etching tools like a regular hard ground. Enjoy a playful day experimenting with this technique and exploring its unique properties.


Day course at West Yorkshire Print Workshop, Mirfield
Date TBC - watch this space!

Famously used by Picasso in his etchings, sugarlift is a process which, when combined with aquatint, enables a broad range of painterly marks and tonal values to be created on a metal plate. It can be used on its own or in-combination with other etching techniques such as hard and soft ground. Spend a day exploring this fascinating technique – for etchers who want to develop their work and expand their skillset.

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