A continuing theme throughout my artistic practice is drawing attention to the ordinary. The overlooked areas of everyday life are a constant source of inspiration – corners, unoccupied spaces, landscapes, shadows, solitary objects and moments of stillness. I use drawing, print, collage, photography and film as mediums to form, distill, and abstract my ideas and imagery, keeping experimentation and the physical act of making at the core of my practice.

I grew up in Devon, before moving to London to study Fine Art. I discovered my love for printmaking, specifically etching, during my degree at Kingston University. After graduating in 2005 I went on to undertake a year's artist residency at Intaglio Printmaker, London. I then moved to Yorkshire, where I am currently based. I make work from my studio in Leeds, and at West Yorkshire Print Workshop, where I also teach printmaking, and work as Technician and Studio Co-ordinator.

In addition to exhibiting widely around the UK and beyond, I teach day courses and evening classes in various printmaking techniques including etching, screen printing, linocut, woodcut, photo-etching, solar plate printing and stone and plate lithography at West Yorkshire Print Workshop and Leicester Print Workshop. I am available for exhibitions, workshops, talks, commissions and collaborations, so do get in touch through my contact page if you have something in mind.

Below are some comments about my work.

"Kathryn’s art, it seems, is fixated on surrendering the senses to a domestic environment, with more than a little input from the Proustian tradition of standing in wonder at how the brain processes sensory data. In Kathryn’s work, this lineage appears to arise again as a sort of rigorously applied, well-mannered, kitchen sink hedonism."

"Desforges’ delightful sets of drawings…highlight the physical and emotional attachments she feels to objects, giving a real sense of an involvement with the item."

"Delicate, sophisticated work."